Erika Albert

St Elmo El8

Austin, TX | Travis County


May 20, 2014

Hi I attended st elmo seens I was in p-k now I am 26 and I try so hard to live close to the school so my 5 year old can attend st elmo so now he is in pre k with ms chow. That teacher is the best teacher out there. All staff are wonderful there. It's the same people when I attended there in pk that school is the best I love them bc they treat u like family. They make u feel special and there is no bulling there!!!! It's the best school in austin

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June 19, 2013

My kids both attended this school. They absolutely loved it! The teachers, staff, and especially the principal have helped my children succeed. I am most impressed by their education level coming from this little school on the corner. I have not been happier and all staff is so friendly. Way to go St. Elmo and Staff! You guys are definitely a gem!

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January 14, 2011

St. Elmo has been rated Recognized by the Texas Education Agency. It is a great neighborhood school with a principal dedicated to academic success for all students. Class sizes are small. Librarian is very active and runs a wonderful bilingual outreach program to small children called Raise a Reader.

October 22, 2008

School is in transition from economically depressed to young urban professionals who cannot afford 78704. Principal is not up to the task. Principal and administration are cold and not friendly. Traffic in and around school is uncontrolled. This school could be a standout with the right leadership.

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September 21, 2004

My daughter is in Pre-K and doing great. Her teacher is very helpful, and dedicated to their education. She enjoys working w/children & that makes her extra special in their eyes. I have other relatives that go to St. Elmo & have been there since 4th grade and have been luck enough to have such great teachers. The teachers there are very dedicated to their students education and I like that. The principal & admin. staff on the other hand is not as friendly nor helpful. There is such a big turnover in the administrative office; from Principal to secretaries. The current principal is not very friendly to the students or parents. I find it very hard to communicate with her. The staff & principal before have always been kind to the parents and students. If it wasn't for the teachers, I would have had my daughter moved to another school.

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August 9, 2004

I have been very dissapointed by St Elmo's leadership in the last few years. The continual changing of staff, lack of knowledge of the administration and level of parental involvement have certainly added to the decline I have seen. There are many wonderful and extremely dedicated teachers that have kept the St Elmo fire burning. St Elmo failed on many levels with my special needs child-I am of the opinion that-every ball that could be dropped was dropped when it came to the class room accomodations made for my child-even after repeated meetings and phone calls. I feel I was made to be responsible for making sure my childs needs were met as opposed to the administrative staff. St Elmo has a good spirit which I hope and pray will help them rise above the changes and continue to improve in the future.

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