Erika Albert

Dawson Elementary School8

Austin, TX | Travis County

March 23, 2015

Dawson is an amazing school for children! This community is a safe, welcoming community that is also very inclusive and diverse. With Dual Language, the Creative Learning Initiative, Social Emotional Learning, and the Texas Literacy Initiative (just to name a few programs and initiatives at the school), your child will receive a rigorous and enriching education. The teachers and staff of the campus work collaboratively to ensure that your children not only succeed at the elementary level, but will be prepared for college and life beyond school. Dawson is awesome!

Submitted by a teacher

August 21, 2005

My child also goes to Dawson and she has since Early Childhood classes. She is now on the 5th grade. I can easily say that there are teachers there who will not go out of their way for the students. However many teachers will. The building is very unprotected and unsafe for students. I attened Dawson and nothing has changed about the school structural wise.

Submitted by a parent

July 15, 2005

My daughter went to this school for Pre-K and loved it. The teachers were amazing and I was very impressed with the structure and pleasant atmosphere.

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September 9, 2003

I attended here for elementary education. I choose to have my son attend here as well. The teachers, principal, and staff work in tandem to ensure the sucess of the students. Many teachers are noted for going beyond the classroom to ensure their students success.

Submitted by a parent

July 19, 2003

This school is great by the people who run it, but this building could uses some updates. Better play ground, track, and need tress to provide shade during the hot days. A place were kid can decide to sit and rest under a cool area.

Submitted by a parent

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